Fool House




A1. Deli

“Deli” is one of the most beautiful, adolescent masterpieces you will have had the pleasure of hearing since “If I ever feel better”. A rush to the street, under the sun, in the hope to find at the deli, enough to sustain a whole life of unconscious promises “We will always feel…”.

A2. Moonson

Iridescent guitars, samples displaying that naivity only found in old house Favorites, and without even mentioning the funky Piano, Delorean sing on “Moonson” a funny kind of modern gospel. Ekhi’s voice is that of a friend from forever, one who takes you by the hand to visit the world’s wonders in the most joyous of dispositions.

B1. Seasun

“Seasun”, not yet gotten out of the filter, pours out into its amazing chorus creating an anthem to some pagan cult for the small of the mornings, a smiley in disguise of a voodoo mask. With Delorean, nostalgia is inevitable yet makes you realize there is still time to be utterly happy.

B2. Seasun (John Talabot remix)

We entrusted production to John Talabot, genius newcomer from the excellent disco label Permanent Vacation. He keyed it up with his darling drums and pumped up the reverbs around the edges, braiding the synth in it to wake the clubbers after a long hypnosis, whilst forcing them in a handclapping trance.

Exclusive digital track

Big Dipper
“Big Dipper” is Inner City’s ghostly grandchild and bright cousin of Juan Maclean’s Happy House, a recipe for irresistible tenderness: with its overpitched vocal samples built on spacey melodies, it offers a timeless spring where the proposition for eternal beginning is impossible to refuse.

Release date
Jun 15, 2009